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september 10-13

We're bringing in the big guns, yo - 40+ expert creative business strategists, marketers and coaches are sharing their expertise on automating & systemizing your business, getting published and upping your visibility,

blogging-made-easy and tips and tricks on scaling your services. If you're ready to up your business game through systematizing your business and taking back your time, then make sure to sign up for...

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what is the creative Growth summit?

The Creative Growth Summit is a 4-day virtual event during which over 40 expert creative business strategists and marketing specialists are going to share their insights about how to scale, automate and GROW your business so that you can take your time and your life back and focus on creating what you're most passionate about!

Over the next four days, we'll walk you through four stages of growth: Automating &

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Your business flourishes when YOU are flourishing and we want to make sure you're streamlining in the most effective way possible!

Systemizing; Blogging, SEO & Pinterest; Getting Published and Starting a Publication; and Ways to Scale Your Business

The Creative Growth Summit is bringing you some of the biggest names in the creative industry including Honeybook, Natalie Franke, Thinkific, Convertkit, Haley Burkhead, Nevica Vasquez, Ashley Beaudin and more to talk to you about EFFECTIVELY scaling your business for both financial and time-managed growth.

Are you ready to start scaling, automating and gaining that visibility?

in the creative marketing industry

the best of the best

Meet the Speakers

natalie franke

aaron morin

isa adney

martha bitar


rising tide society







jordan gill

haley burkhead

ashley beaudin

meghan brown

two bright lights

systems saved me

profit planner

imperfect boss





lucretia williams

brit kolo

vanessa kynes

empowered planners

jam marketing

vanessa kynes




makeda mutema-newton

conference connection


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nevica vazquez

vanessa shepherd

andrea layne

cinnamon wolfe

cinnamon wolfe

nevica vazquez

she's got vision

creative spring





vanessa ryan

danait berhe

kyrsten sherwood

vanessa ryan

heart & vine creative

copper kettle co




mariah liszewski

mariah magazine


with Breakout Sessions from:


sachika barnes

hannah mcclune photo

hannah mcclune

verity & co

lindsey johnson

gt mrktg & consulting

greg todd

brand blitz co

carrah tompkins

social pop co

jelisa varnado


Yevgeniya Davarashvili

six figure photo

ben hartley

ez visibility

erin zimmerman

fashionably frank mktg

kathryn coffman

yael bendahan

yael bendahan

poppy & Oak

meghan russell


kathie wiehanne

bianca broos

bianca broos

quirky pineapple studio

cassandra le

kylee ann studios

kylee maughan

restart specialist

meredith ryncarz

paperfinch design

amy braswell

nash franks creative

jenn nash

unashamed imaging

anesha collins

mamapreneur revolution

aby moore


breanna pair

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why should you attend the creative growth summit?

We're going totally virtual - get your headphones ready, listen and watch on ANY device. We're getting super convenient and comfy here, no need to dress up or worry about wearing heels all day. Kick back and get your learning on, friend!

watch it in your jammies, with you favorite cuppa

Do we need another reason? Some of THE biggest systems and marketing experts in the creative industry are dropping all of their know-how and it isn't gonna cost you a dime. All you have to do is grab your ticket!

it's toats free (why haven't you signed up yet, yo?!)

Some of these specialists DON'T DO virtual summits... You know what that means? This may be the ONLY time that you're able to catch their knowledge in such a free, convenient way. Ready to get your geek on? We'll see ya there!

the  most influential marketers  in the industry

yes, you can scale, automate & grow!

Hustle, hustle, hustle & burnout was so 5 years ago.

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now is the time to work smarter, not harder.

so, what's on the agenda?

**All times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST)**

day 1 - monday, sept 10

Setting Up Systems & Automation


The Creative Spring


systems saved me






5 Ways to Use Systems to Boost Productivity

How to Simply Manage Content + Clients In Asana

Turn Subscribers into Customers: Automate a Successful Sales Funnel in Minutes

How to Become Location Independent by Automating Your Business

Breakout sessions:

Breakout sessions:

Breakout session:

Breakout sessions:


Scaling Your Biz - What to do BEFORE You Hire

with paperfinch design

Quick Tips to Make Your Processes More Efficient

with GT Marketing & Consulting

How to Crush the Myth of Work/Life Balance

with Bianca Broos



Set & Forget Marketing: Batching & Repurposing

with EZ Visibility

Easily Plan & Create 30 Instagram Stories

with Nash franks creative


3 Day Work Week: How to Work Less & Make More

WITH Hannah McClune photo

How to Design Your Ideal Workday

with One6Creative

The ROI of Hiring a Full Time Content Creator

with six figure photography

day 2 - tuesday, SEPT 11

Visibility through Blogging, Pinterest & SEO

mariah magazine


cinnamon wolfe


vanessa kynes, llc


SEO Bootcamp: Getting Your Website in Shape for Search Engines

Create High Traffic Blog Content that Turns Readers into Clients

How to Automate your Pinterest Marketing Strategy using Tailwind

Breakout sessions:

Breakout sessions:

Breakout session:

Breakout sessions:


25 Easy Blog Prompts to Turn You into Blogging Royalty


6 Steps from Hobby to Professional Blogger




Beginner's Guide to Creating Content that Converts

with fashionably frank mktg

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts to Increase Traffic

with bluchic


5 Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Reach Your Ideal Client

with social pop co

Planning Consistent Blog & Social Media Content



she's got vision


Getting Your Business in Pinterest-Perfect Shape with Promoted Pins

day 3 - wednesday, SEPT 12

Visibility through Getting Published & Building Your Audience





Heart & Vine creative


How to Land a Podcast Interview (Without Feeling Awkward About It)

How to Craft a Submission Editors Can't Say No To

Diversity in Business: Intentionally Creating a Seat at the Table

Breakout sessions:

Breakout sessions:

Breakout session:

Breakout sessions:


How to Get Visible: 10 Strategies for Success

with yael Bendahan

How Brand Visuals & Copywriting Work Together

with verity & co

How to Build Your Public Relations (PR) Plan

with barnes pr



How Gratitude Can Build Community & Clients

with Poppy & Oak

3 Ways to Build Loyalty & an Inclusive Community

with Quirky Pineapple Studio


Build an Audience Rapidly in a New-to-You Market

WITH the Restart Specialist

4 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand Using IGTV

with unashamed imaging

How to Pitch Brands for Collaborations

with thrive


rising tide society


the imperfect boss


Nurturing & Building a Thriving Community

5 Steps to Creating A Social Media Movement or Campaign

day 4 - thursday, sept 13

Tips from the Experts: Ways to Scale Your Business

nevica vazquez


Profit planner


Is Your Business Built to Grow? Tips to Getting to 6 figures & beyond.

How to Create a Profitable Membership Community



How to Scale Your Business Using Online Courses


vanessa ryan


conference connection


copper kettle co


empowered planners


How to Create a Free Workshop that Creates Followers & Sales

Tips on Hosting a Small Scale In-Person Workshop Intensive

Step-by-Step Guide on Hosting a Profitable Virtual Conference

How to Host a Large Scale Conference or Event

how much does the summit cost to attend?   >

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It's free! Presentations will be available to watch at your leisure for 24 hours. After that, they'll head over to the All-Access Pass vault, where members of the All-Access Pass are able to rewatch them as many times as they'd like (forever!)


Do i have to go somewhere to attend?   >

Nope! Stay home in your jammies with a cup of your favorite beverage and a spoonful of Nutella - we aren't judging. It's completely online and completely accessible with internet access on ANY device.


What Am I getting out of the creative growth summit?   >

We have some of THE most influential marketers and business management companies in the creative industry and they'll be sharing insight into how to truly automate, scale and streamline your business so that you're spending more time doing what you're passionate about and less time feeling like a robot.

You'll walk away with an action plan on how to create a sustainable and organized business that works FOR you, instead of the other way around.


You're so going to sell my email to all 40 people here, aren't you?...   >

Friend! Do you really think I would do something like that to you?! (though, I'm not gonna lie, you would have a REALLY sweet subscription list, because let me just tell you, these people are seriously the best of the best).

But, no, we will not give away your email to ANYONE.

By signing up for your ticket, you'll be added to the Launch Brand Grow Community/Copper Kettle Co's email list so that we can keep you updated on the Summit and so that you receive the links to the presentations. That's it!

Speakers will be able to ask for the privilege of your email address by providing you with valuable free opt ins during their presentations. If you're not thrilled with what they have to offer, then you won't be obligated to subscribe. Simple as that :)


The All-access pass is just for the video replays, huh?   >

No way, Guadalupe! By purchasing the All-Access Pass, you not only get unlimited viewings and replays of the Creative Growth Summit presentations, you also get:

Access to the MEGA GIVEAWAY (entry available to All-Access Pass holders only) with over 40+ winners and THOUSANDS of dollars worth of prizes!!
Forever access to ALL 40+ marketing worksheets, guides, trainings, and opt ins from the speakers from the Creative Growth Summit
BONUS: 8 additional hours of the BEST presentations from the 2017 Creative Brand Summit & 2018 Creative Launch Summit
BONUS: Access to ALL 90+ worksheets, guides, mini courses, templates, and opt ins from the 2017 CBS & 2018 CLS
Access to the speakers' presentations whenever, wherever you want!


Whoa! so, you're saying it's, like, a million dollars, then?   >

Not even close, friend!

Early Bird $49 Price - before September 10th
At-the-Door price is $69 - September 10th-13th
Evergreen price is $89 - September 14th & on

Which means I know you'll wanna get in on that right stat now, so that you're not spending more than you need to

and, I know, you're probably way more on top of your game than I am and you never do this to yourself, but juuuuuust in case, here's a handy link ;)

(you know how it goes - right now, you think, nah, I'll survive without it, but then the videos start coming out and, oh shit, you missed your favorite speaker and now it's $20 more, and heck it, why didn't I just get in on it way back then?)


I'm having troubles with [anything/ everything]. Can you help me?   >

Totes Mcgoats (do people still say this? It's still funny...)

Contact Kyrsten (the host) just below and we'll get you all sorted out.

I may also be in the chatbox on this page, so feel free to hit me up there, too (yes, it really is me, no I am not a bot, though I do feel like one at times).

Or if you prefer a more direct approach, you can email us at info@copperkettleco.com


did we miss your question? Contact us BELOW and we'll get right back to you!

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it's so great to see you here!

heya! I'm your host, kyrsten

I can't tell you just how stoked I am that you'll be joining us for our third ever Creative Summit!

Our first and second summits, the Creative Brand and Creative Launch Summits, were such incredible successes that we still have people talking about them, which seriously gives me all the emotions.

I figured we couldn't stop there, so now that we've talked Branding and Launching, we're here to talk Scaling, Growing and truly Automating as much of your business as possible.

I hope you find yourself having loads of those crazy valuable "ah ha!" moments throughout the Summit and if you have ANY questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally at any time.

Otherwise, a little about myself: I'm the co-owner (with my super husband, Kelly) of Copper Kettle Co and the Launch Brand Grow Community, where we help creative entrepreneurs to start, streamline and scale their businesses.

We won't bore you with the details, so if you wanna learn more about us, you can find our About Page right here.

Otherwise, we seriously can't wait to see you at the Summit!!

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